DIY Routers and Saw Blades

Opal Masonry Drills and Set

DIY Round Shank Masonry Drills

Standard masonry drills. Round shank with chromated surface.
Standard Length
OMD475 4mm 75mm NZD$2.43Shopping Basket
OMD585 5mm 85mm NZD$2.54Shopping Basket
OMD6100 6mm 100mm NZD$2.54Shopping Basket
OMD65100 6.5mm 100mm NZD$2.71Shopping Basket
OMD8120 8mm 120mm NZD$3.27Shopping Basket
OMD10120 10mm 120mm NZD$4.47Shopping Basket
OMD12150 12mm 150mm NZD$6.77Shopping Basket
OMD16150 16mm 150mm NZD$12.36Shopping Basket
OMD20160 20mm 160mm NZD$14.72Shopping Basket
Long Reach
OMD6150 6mm 150mm NZD$3.86Shopping Basket
OMD65150 6.5mm 150mm NZD$4.16Shopping Basket
OMD8200 8mm 200mm NZD$4.87Shopping Basket
OMD10200 10mm 200mm NZD$5.40Shopping Basket
OMD12200 12mm 200mm NZD$9.22Shopping Basket
OMD16200 16mm 200mm NZD$14.77Shopping Basket