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  1. Wear safety glasses at all times
  2. Satisfactory results can be achieved with portable electric saws for dry cutting. The speeds are close to optimum requirements.
  3. For wet cutting, machines specially equipped must be used with adequate water flow to both sides of blade.
  4. Angle grinders are not recommended as the speeds are too fast. Use in angle grinders invalidates the product warranty.
  5. Do not force the cutter, allow the diamond wheel to cut at it's natural feed rate otherwise segment cracks or segment loss will occur.
  6. The life of the diamond varies as materials differ. Generally the harder the material the shorter the wheel life.
  7. If possible do not cut reinforcing steel as it shortens the wheel life.
  8. When the wheels cutting performance deteriorates cut through a dresser of soft abrasive material to dress the wheel. (Soft brick)
  9. Ensure machine arbour matches blade bore to prevent blade wobble and circumference run out.
  10. Allow dry cutting wheels to run free to cool the wheel.




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