Chucks, Stands, and Dust Extraction

Chuck Keys

Drill Chuck Keys

A range of Drill Chuck Keys to fit Geared Drill Chucks.
CK4165K1 6MM 4MM 11 Jacobs K1 NZD$4.69Shopping Basket
CK4110LK 6MM 5.9MM 11 Multicraft 10mm, Linbide DCHD41124 NZD$4.69Shopping Basket
CK4165K7 6MM 5.5MM 11 Jacobs K7 NZD$4.69Shopping Basket
CK41J10LK 10MM 6MM 11 Makita 10mm Cordless NZD$4.69Shopping Basket
CK4113LK 10/13mm 7mm 11 Multicraft 13mm NZD$5.16Shopping Basket
CK4113KK 10/13MM 7MM 10 Jacobs KK NZD$5.16Shopping Basket
CK4113K 13MM 6.5MM 12 Hitachi 13mm HD, Makita 13mm HD, Yukiwa 13mm HD, Linbide DCHD411020, Linbide DCHD411320 NZD$5.16Shopping Basket
CK4110K30 10MM 6MM 10 Jacobs K30 NZD$5.16Shopping Basket
CK4113K32 13MM 6.5MM 10 Jacobs K32 NZD$5.16Shopping Basket
CK4110K 10/13MM 5.5MM 12 Hitachi 10mm HD, Makita 10mm HD, Yukiwa 10mm HD NZD$5.16Shopping Basket
CK4113KR 13MM 8.7MM 10 Jacobs KR 13mm NZD$5.16Shopping Basket
CK411013GK 13mm 6mm 12 LFA 10mm, 13mm; Metabo 10mm, 13mm; Rohm 10mm, 13mm; AEG 10mm, 13mm NZD$5.28Shopping Basket
CK4116K 16mm 9mm 12 Hitachi 16mm NZD$8.96Shopping Basket
CK4116JK 16mm 8mm 12 Hitachi 16mm, Makita 16mm, Yukiwa 16mm, Jacobs 16mm NZD$9.82Shopping Basket
CK4116GK 16mm 8mm 12 LFA 16mm, Metabo 16mm, Rohm 16mm, AEG 16mm NZD$5.86Shopping Basket
CK4116K3 16mm 8mm 11 Jacobs K3 NZD$8.96Shopping Basket
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