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Auger and Flat Irwin Bits

Flat Spade Bits - Irwin Pattern

Supplied with hexagon shanks particularly suitable for portable electric drills.
IPW516 8mm 5/16" NZD$2.49Shopping Basket
IPW38 9.5mm 3/8" NZD$2.49Shopping Basket
IPW716 11mm 7/16" NZD$2.49Shopping Basket
IPW12 12mm 1/2" NZD$2.87Shopping Basket
IPW916 14mm 9/16" NZD$2.87Shopping Basket
IPW58 16mm 5/8" NZD$2.87Shopping Basket
IPW1116 18mm 11/16" NZD$3.25Shopping Basket
IPW34 19mm 3/4" NZD$3.25Shopping Basket
IPW1316 20mm 13/16" NZD$3.25Shopping Basket
IPW78 22mm 7/8" NZD$3.83Shopping Basket
IPW1516 24mm 15/16" NZD$3.83Shopping Basket
IPW1 25mm 1" NZD$3.83Shopping Basket
IPW118 28mm 1 1/8" NZD$4.59Shopping Basket
IPW114 32mm 1 1/4" NZD$4.59Shopping Basket
IPW138 35mm 1 3/8" NZD$6.68Shopping Basket
IPW112 38mm 1 1/2" NZD$6.68Shopping Basket
IRWIN PATTERN FLAT BITS Images/Products/ipw516.jpg