Linbide Special Deals

A and K Taper Drills

K Taper Shank Drills

Certified by Prufge-meinschaft Mauerbohrer. This certification mark guarantees that Linbide drills and adapters conform to the requirements of the Berlin Institute for Structural Engineering for carbide tipped hammer drills.
K Taper Drill
KTD12200 12mm 200mm NZD$47.89Shopping Basket
KTD12400 12mm 400mm NZD$65.76Shopping Basket
KTD13200 13mm 200mm NZD$48.75Shopping Basket
KTD13400 13mm 400mm NZD$68.01Shopping Basket
KTD14200 14mm 200mm NZD$50.90Shopping Basket
KTD14400 14mm 400mm NZD$71.03Shopping Basket
KTD16250 16mm 250mm NZD$59.96Shopping Basket
KTD16400 16mm 400mm NZD$78.01Shopping Basket
KTD18250 18mm 250mm NZD$66.50Shopping Basket
KTD18400 18mm 400mm NZD$81.70Shopping Basket
KTD19250 19mm 250mm NZD$65.53Shopping Basket
KTD19400 19mm 400mm NZD$84.27Shopping Basket
KTD20250 20mm 250mm NZD$66.16Shopping Basket
KTD20400 20mm 400mm NZD$85.03Shopping Basket
KTD20600 20mm 600mm NZD$114.91Shopping Basket
KTD22250 22mm 250mm NZD$76.93Shopping Basket
KTD22400 22mm 400mm NZD$97.61Shopping Basket
KTD22600 22mm 600mm NZD$123.65Shopping Basket
KTD24250 24mm 250mm NZD$86.31Shopping Basket
KTD24400 24mm 400mm NZD$110.32Shopping Basket
KTD25250 25mm 250mm NZD$90.81Shopping Basket
KTD25400 25mm 400mm NZD$112.36Shopping Basket
KTD25600 25mm 600mm NZD$130.76Shopping Basket
KTD26250 26mm 250mm NZD$92.53Shopping Basket
KTD28250 28mm 250mm NZD$117.41Shopping Basket
KTD28400 28mm 400mm NZD$137.86Shopping Basket
KTD28600 28mm 600mm NZD$162.30Shopping Basket
KTD30250 30mm 250mm NZD$123.43Shopping Basket
KTD30400 30mm 400mm NZD$151.75Shopping Basket
KTD32250 32mm 250mm NZD$140.44Shopping Basket
KTD32400 32mm 400mm NZD$165.84Shopping Basket
KTD32600 32mm 600mm NZD$202.42Shopping Basket
KTD35250 35mm 250mm NZD$160.11Shopping Basket
KTD35400 35mm 400mm NZD$187.44Shopping Basket
KTD38250 38mm 250mm NZD$171.32Shopping Basket
KTD38400 38mm 400mm NZD$210.02Shopping Basket
KTD44250 44mm 250mm NZD$243.62Shopping Basket
KTD44400 44mm 400mm NZD$303.66Shopping Basket
KTD50250 50mm 250mm NZD$288.38Shopping Basket
KTD50400 50mm 400mm NZD$373.60Shopping Basket
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