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Holesaw Arbors, Adapters and Extensions

HSARB14 6.4mm Up to 30mm Hole saws NZD$8.45Shopping Basket
HSARB9 9mm Hex Up to 30mm Hole saws NZD$13.02Shopping Basket
HSARB932 9mm Hex For Holesaws 32mm and over NZD$13.02Shopping Basket
HSARB12 12.7mm For Holesaws 32mm and over NZD$14.11Shopping Basket
HSARBSDS SDS+ For Holesaws 32mm and over NZD$14.32Shopping Basket
HSARBPD 1/4" 1/4" HSS Spare Pilot Drill NZD$2.90Shopping Basket
HSARBAD   Adapter for 6.4mm Arbors for 32mm and over Holesaws NZD$3.65Shopping Basket
HSEXT300 12.7mm 330mm long extension to fit 13mm Chucks NZD$10.02Shopping Basket
HOLESAW ARBORS Images/Products/hsarb14.jpgHOLESAW ARBORS Images/Products/hsarb14.jpg