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Forstners Bits and Door Lock Bits

Forstner Bits Sawtooth Style - 54mm to 79.4mm

Saw Tooth Forstner Bits are supplied over 2" (50mm). Recommended speed 100 to 150 rpm. Use Tungsten Carbide Bits for Composition Boards.
Not suitable for routers.
FBS218 54.0mm (2 1/8") NZD$75.00Shopping Basket
FBS214 57.1mm (2 1/4") NZD$75.00Shopping Basket
FBS238 60.3mm (2 3/8") NZD$75.00Shopping Basket
FBS212 63.5mm (2 1/2") NZD$80.00Shopping Basket
FBS258 66.6mm (2 5/8") NZD$90.00Shopping Basket
FBS234 69.8mm (2 3/4") NZD$96.00Shopping Basket
FBS278 73.0mm (2 7/8") NZD$105.44Shopping Basket
FBS300 76.2mm (3") NZD$122.64Shopping Basket
FBS318 79.4mm (3 1/8") NZD$131.90Shopping Basket
FORSTNER BITS Sawtooth Style Images/Products/fbs218.jpg