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Forstners Bits and Door Lock Bits

Forstner Wood Bits - 10mm to 50mm

Forstner Bits are suitable for boring holes at an angle, overlapping and wood lathe use. Use slow speeds under 300 rpm for best results. Not recommended for chipboard or custom wood. We suggest tungsten carbide bits. For sets refer to FORS5, FORS15.
Not suitable for routers.
8mm Diameter Shank 90mm overall
FB 10 10mm NZD$20.00Shopping Basket
FB 12 12mm NZD$20.00Shopping Basket
FB 14 14mm NZD$22.00Shopping Basket
FB 15 15mm NZD$25.00Shopping Basket
FB 16 16mm NZD$26.50Shopping Basket
FB 18 18mm NZD$27.00Shopping Basket
FB 19 19mm NZD$28.00Shopping Basket
FB 20 20mm NZD$29.00Shopping Basket
FB 22 22mm NZD$31.00Shopping Basket
FB 25 25mm NZD$31.00Shopping Basket
FB 26 26mm NZD$35.00Shopping Basket
FB 28 28mm NZD$36.00Shopping Basket
FB 30 30mm NZD$40.00Shopping Basket
10mm Diameter Shank 90mm Overall
FB 32 32mm NZD$45.00Shopping Basket
FB 35 35mm NZD$50.00Shopping Basket
FB 38 38mm NZD$60.00Shopping Basket
FB 40 40mm NZD$66.00Shopping Basket
FB 45 45mm NZD$68.00Shopping Basket
FB 50 50mm NZD$70.00Shopping Basket
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